Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Going Home

Going Home for a long weekend. Been a while since all of us got together, Sis and niece are coming over, Hopefully bro will also be there this time.. But then …hope all of us get to stay home instead of running around visiting ppl. Need to attend a friends wedding on Thursday, but am free the rest of the days.

Last time I met my niece she was all exited about going to playschool… but the latest news is the inevitable … she hates going to school, what can I say … ‘Like Mother, Like daughter’, she even ‘ran away’ with my parents for a week the last time they visited, just to stay away from playschool. Heard tat some boy keeps teasing her, So me and bro planning to give her a crash course on bashing such guys up. LOL

I’m looking forward to the break from the boring routines of my monotonous work life.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Weirder Side of The Key

Icy Tagged me for this, she wanted to know the weirder side of me .

1. I used to travel by boat daily while in college. I get this strong urge to jump into the water when I see the water foaming behind the boat. Sometimes it is so strong, that I scare myself. BTW I cant swim

2. I have to Knock on the door or ring the bell thrice or in multiples of 3. I do try to control it nowadays.

3. I break things when I’m angry. Used to stock burnt-out bulbs and bottles to break, when I was at home. Can’t do that now coz my roommates might think I’m crazy.

4. Am Extremely Ticklish. ppl who know me knows abt that.

5. Am scared of heights, but climbs everything, look down from the top of high buildings and cliffs just to see if i still get scared. Usually get a ticklish feeling when i do that.

6. I wanted to be a Hit man : D

Now there are other weird and crazy things that i have done, some of my friends have call me a Psycho.

I'm pretty sure ppl who read this will think I am a Psycho with an obsessive compulsive disorder and strong suicidal tendencies. But guess again, I am 60% normal >:)

You Are 40% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

The 8 thing tag

Vishnu Tagged me for the 8 thing tag.

The rules of the game are (were ;) ):

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Sex Target : FEMALE ( since none are available in Mars, I’ll settle for one from Venus)

This is not the 8 things I want in the perfect better half …it is the 8 things I want in the Perfect LOVER.

1. Face of an angel
2. Long legs
3. Athletic body
4. Straight long hair
5. Beautiful eyes
6. Lips that makes u wanna kiss them
7. Intelligent
8. Faithful

Ok so for the perfect better half the 8 things are

1. Understanding
2. Caring
3. Sensible
4. Respect my ‘Space’
5. Supportive
6. Good Humor
7. Must carry herself well
8. GOOD COOK ;)… hey my kids too will wanna boast about their mom’s cooking

now since all the ppl I know have already been tagged and since I don’t have 8 ppl on my list that I can tag I am not tagging anyone … so guess I’m disqualified :D

Monday, January 16, 2006

A Quarter

Yesterday 16th January I successfully completed 25 years on the third rock from the sun. I tried waking up early to go to church … managed to wake up by 6, went to attend the mass …but by the time I reached church the mass was already over… so I just sat there in church for some time … not praying…just sitting there … maybe reflecting on life.

Reached office to find that my team mate had sent out mails to whoever was on the mailing lists of my friends …mind it … he didn’t mail it to ppl on my mailing list …. But the mailing list of my friends…. So I started getting birthday wishes from ppl I had never heard of before!! I got more wises from ppl whom I didn’t know than from my own friends, most of ‘em forgot, but then I aint much better either, so I have even appointed Icy as my official ‘Birthday Reminder’ :D

Afternoon, met up with Icy for the first time after that prank, luckily she forgot all abt it, she got me a gift ,but seemed disappointed coz I guessed what it was when she asked me to guess … with Icy it has to be blue and it will be aquatic. She gave me a pen holder with 3 blue dolphins …. Now that her Bday is next I tried finding out what she wanted, I’ll blog abt that some other time. We did some catching up, and then returned to work. she tried to pull a prank on me by making her teamm8’s call up and wish me …but then, I had been receiving wishes from ppl I didn’t know the whole day, so it didn’t have the affect she wanted LOL… she still is an amateur.

There were no plans to party in the evening . The guys get back from work only by 8- 8:30 and one of my roomie’s works the graveyard shift from 00:45 Am …so he sleeps through the evening. By the time I had my bath one roomie got back from work …another friend was supposed to come and we tot we’d go out for dinner…

Earlier the evening a friend’s sister messaged me asking me how my day was … I said it was just like any other Lousy day, no cake, no party …. Just me and the TV. Within half an hr one guy comes knocking at my door with a cake. Now I never expected her to send me a cake just coz I told her my Bday was lousy , and I must tell u I was quite touched. That the cake and the icing ended up more on my face and hair than anyone’s stomach, and that I had a tough time washing away all the cream is a different matter altogether, but this was a real Surprise Party all thanks to her.

Finally we never went out for the dinner and the party has been planned for Saturday night …when everyone can get sloshed without worrying abt work the next morning. Whatever itz gonna be I’m sure I’ll be broke by the end of this week… but then again … itz my birthday

Time to Start Saving

January 16th 2006

I turned 25, so after a long time I took the bible, opened it and read

Mat 6:19-21 (TEB) "Do not save riches for yourselves here on earth, where moths and rust destroy, and robbers break in and steal. Instead, save riches for yourselves in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and robbers cannot break in and steal. For your heart will always be where your riches are."

so mayb it is time i start saving riches in heaven... :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

First prank of 2006

I love playing pranks on Icy, she is one smart gal but when it comes to playing a prank …she is the best person to play it on. This is the first one for the year. And my partner in crime was Dinesh . These are the conversations that took place yesterday, between me, Din and Icy

Varkey and Dinesh

Key: Told Icy that ur getting married .. she wants to pull ur leg
Din: tell her i am ready for getting leg pulled
Key: Ash is the girl
Din: 'ASH' ??
Din: oh ash...ok ok *ash was an old prank we played on her*
Din: God knows..hw she gets first rank...
Din: ya got a mail

Icy and Dinesh


coooool dude...heard some good news around the corner...
so did u ask Ash if she is free... and ready to tie the knot with u by April ?? I think u will hv to do some filmy dishum dishum with Vivek to get her.. And buddy u hv just 2 months... And wat a pity.. u r stuck in UK while Ash is roaming around the world with Vivek ;)
Do keep me posted on how ur progress goes... ;)
TAKE CARE and enjoy ur last 2 months of bachelorhood.

Reply from Din

Wait till I get my hands on that bone structure who calls himself Varkey......That idiot..hw did he let the news out so damn early before things get ship shape. Now that u know the stuff....u know wat to do..keep mouth shut...else u mite embarass yourself and me if Ash cant wait for me come back from UK....and there's no vivek in picture....its just DinAsh....wat say?


Varkey and Icy

Key: din is getting married
Icy: din getting married... hahahaha
Key: din getting married either next month or in april ...
Icy: heheh...
Key: according to his grandpa ( he is a pundit) the best time is either 29th of next month or 31st of April
Icy: so his mom must be pressurizing him
Key: yeah .he said he aint coming back from UK
Icy: hahahaa....this is good...feel like pulling his leg...
Key: hey ask him when his wedding is ;) ask him if it is the old 'Ash' ;)
Icy: hehehe
Icy: who is ash going around with?
Key: ash is wit vivek
Icy: ok..am going to send this...
*Mail to din*
Key: lol
Icy: sent
Icy: now to hv some entertainment :-)

Key: i am already having it
Icy: he replied!
Icy: hahahahahhahahha
Key: wat
Icy: *Din’s Reply*
Key: lol
Icy: so shall i reply
Key: whatever u want, just dont get me killed

Key: i'll just sitback and enjoy the fun

Varkey and Dinesh

Din: do I burst the bubble now...or wat?
Din: i rather not burst the bubble yet
Din: we burst the bubble tmrw?

Key: or do i post it and ask her to read tomorrow

Din: yeah..post it in blog first

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Resolution

It’s a whole new year, a whole new beginning …. So it is the best time to start afresh… its high time that I start taking life more seriously. Become more focused, set myself new goals and make sure I achieve them. So here goes

See Movies … last year was a bad year for my movie watching career, Got to find more time for those new movies. And let all those hard working Directors, actors, script writers, producers, the stunt coordinators and all the others that we care.

Gain 10 Kg … Managed to gain 10 last year, will repeat the feat this year too.

Join the gym … Yes, after years of careful planning careful planning , it is time to put it in action. Need to join a Gym…. And no, it is not to loose weight, if I loose any I won’t be visible anymore.

Learn Kannada … 4 years in Bangalore and all I can manage is ‘Kannada Gothilla’ need to learn at least 2 new words this year.

Reduce the stray dog menace in B’lore … Again NO I don’t plan to take any of then in as pets. I have other plans for them, like exporting them to South Korea.

Learn to defuse bombs and Dodge bullets … Anyone can be carrying a bomb and you can get shot at anytime, anywhere in the world I think these are basic skills for survival and should be taught in schools.

Help increase the Pollution and Traffic in Bangalore … convince Din to buy a bike when he comes back, learn to ride and then buy one for myself.

Hair care … take a snap of my head full of hair and save it as evidence, to prove that I too had hair on my head. Also give growing a mush one more try.

There were a lot more resolutions that i had taken ... but forgot most of it. shall update it here when i remember them :D