Thursday, September 29, 2005

Timepass or Pastime

What does a single male software Professional do after 6? I don’t think that would be a tough question for any one to answer – They stay back in office!

There can be 2 reasons for this. One, He has a deadline to meet. But more often than not it is a completely different reason that he does this He has absolutely nothing to do at home.

There are only so many things that a single guy can do in the evenings.

Go out with his girlfriend. ( u still are single even if u have a girlfriend)
Go to a pub and party.
Go Home and watch a movie.
Go home and cook dinner.

From the options available, how many of them can a sane person do day after day 7/365? Except maybe cooking, but usually we bachelors are too lazy to cook so end up keeping a bhai to do that for us, or as in my case eat out daily. Even if you mix and match the options you end up bored in a couple of month’s time. Finally u end up doing what every guy like you are doing, Stay back in office. Doing what? Doing the same things you do the whole day long, read & forward mails browse the net, play games online, chat, and if you are interested in writing start blogging ;).

Unfortunately for me, I take the office transportation, and my shuttle leaves at 6:15, so I am Forced to go home at 6. I have been evaluating my options. I still don’t have girl, nor do I have a bike to go out to party. The cd’s available at the video rental shop are of pathetic clarity. I have cable at my room, and I feel like I have watched the reruns for like the 100th time now, and as I mentioned I eat out! So much for the 4 options that I had.

But I have found a new way to spend the evenings, Join a GYM. Now that is a brilliant idea. I was able to spend my evenings for the past one month Planning to ‘join’ the gym. I intend to spend the next month planning ‘What’ I’m going to do there. Eventually I might join the gym. And by the looks of it I think I have found the perfect solution for spending my evenings.

PS: I have managed to build some muscles already.