Friday, June 02, 2006


So itz been a long time I blogged … now what do I say … I’m lazy, and getting better at that.

I had been home; thought I’ll blog about the vacation … but then there only so much that you can write about sleeping and eating.

The day I reached I had to attend a classmate’s engagement… Maddy and I went together, reached home and we drove up to the place. The car stalled mysteriously on a inclination just outside the church and Maddy had a good time pushing the car up. The evening the guys wanted to go to the beach, so again we started off in my car… the car was acting real strange, I could feel that it was barely moving. I should have stopped and got it checked, one big mistake. Somehow we did manage to reach the beach, I wasn’t too sure we would make it back in MY car. The guys went to the beach, I didn’t have anything to change into so I stayed clear of the water, anyway tat beach is nothing new to me .. my home is just a Km away from the beach anyway.

I decided to do some investigation on my car, opened the hood and i could see it smoking, opened the radiator on a hunch…. And guess was EMPTY, called dad said he had checked , yeah mayb a year back. Saw a small hut near the road got water from there and filled it up.

We reached back, dropped off the gals and went to the hotel where the guys were staying, they washed up and changed then we all went out for dinner. Now tat was fun, the guys after being used to seeing the menu cards in B’lore couldn’t believe the rates and ordered almost everything on the menu, was sure we wouldn’t eat half of it.. the parotas here are twice as big as the ones you get in B’lore. Now people who know me will know how full I would have been to have wasted half a plate of PRAWNS :’( I still regret doing it …but I just couldn’t eat anything more.

By the time we reached Munni’s home to drop off the gals it was already 11, I left the place at midnight, the roads are awesome to drive on at night, lots of turns, no traffic.. I Just love it. It took just 45 mins to reach home and it took an hr more than that in the morning to get to the engagement.


Blogger Dinesh said...


4:56 AM  
Blogger icyblue said...

U wasted prawns...???

7:09 AM  
Blogger Alpha 'N Omega said...

hahah..key key..i ditn know that u blogged this..else my comments wud ve soon followed...I dint know about the radiator incident. :)..And i dint get hold of any kappa, ka__u and karimeen :(..The restaurant must have made a bargain that day...That sure was a great evening. And you sure made our day.

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