Sunday, December 25, 2005

Xmas Mass

Xmas mass is always Midnight Mass for me . Mom always have to go for the midnight mass.. I guess she always want to be one of the first to wish Christ one his B’day.

Our Parish church is just 10 mins walk from home. It is a pretty safe neighborhood, but we don’t like mom going to church alone, so someone ( one of the Guys… sis doesn’t Qualify for the job ) has to go wit her. And usually I end up being the one. The only time I escape is when we celebrate Xmas at gramdma’s( mom’s mom’s ) place.. when me and my cousin make sure we are nowhere to be seen at the time for mass.

Xmas Dinner ( at home ).

Mom: So who is coming for the Midnight mass?

Dad: NOT me … I’m going in the morning.

Me: me neither, I’m going with dad.

Bro: I’ll come.

Mom: ok, we’ll leave at 11:30.

* Phew … escaped this time*


Bro: I’m going to sleep, wake me up after some time.

* damn … I better go sleep too …or else mom might drag me along*


Mom All set to go to church
Dad Asleep
Bro Asleep
Me.. Dreaming about the gifts Santa is gonna get me this year

Mom walks in and sees all of us asleep and wakes ME up…

Mom: take me to church.

Me: waa .. huh … where? Wat ?

Mom: Drop me off at church

Me: what about him?

Mom : hez asleep..

Me: What was I doing till now??

Mom: Ur awake now … get dressed… drop me off there and come back … I’ll walk back ..

Me: yeah right …
* Grumbles something abt midnight masses and gets dressed *

Me and mom and something sis off to church ..While my bro and dad sleeps and dreams about the gifts Santa is gonna get them..

* wait till I get back home … I’m gonna steal all the gift Santa left for u :-P*

This year I didn’t go home. Instead I decided to spend Xmas at my aunt’s place in Bangalore. A couple of weeks back my cousin told me that the mass it at 8:00 Pm..
* Wow.. No midnight mass this time … *grin**

Xmas (this Year)

I reach my aunts place, all dressed up to go to church. No one is ready..

Me: so when are we going for the mass?

They: Midnight


Cousin: This year the English mass is at 12.

Me: Thank god … I would have been disappointed if it was at 8:00

*GOD ….. WHY ME??*

The midnight mass in B’lore is not all that bad… Lotsa hot chicks … but then I was too damn sleepy to take stock. Service was good… there were the usual dozers and the snorers around, had a tough time making sure my nephews and nieces stayed awake… ( must agree the sermon was a bit tough to handle )

I missed the Crackers that they keep bursting back home in our parish during mass to keep these guys awake.

Thursday, December 22, 2005



Am going out the deliver the gifts, so dont forget to keep some cookies for me ;)

Wish you all a Wonderful Xmas...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sick Leave

I'm down with ACUTE Bloggers Block ...