Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Collection

During one of our team meeting we had the usual ‘tell about urself’ rounds. Everyone said the oft repeated ‘I love Music, Movie, reading, cricket, traveling’ when they spoke of their hobbies. So I said ‘I collect things’ the whole group started laughing … I have absolutely no clue why.

So what all do I collect? I decided to make a list of things I Used to/Still collect over the years

Note book Name Labels – all kinds of name labels, I think I never actually used any on my notebooks!! They are still lying in some drawer at home.

Match box labels – threw them away

Cigarette box - Threw them away

Match box and Cigarette labels were used as some sort of playing cards … I don’t remember what the game used to be though.

Stickers – Still in my drawer at home

Stamp – Still have a couple of albums lying in one of my drawers at home, many of them were stolen from mom’s collection… and most probably it will be handed over to the next generation!

Coins – gave them to my brother for his collection. I once found a real OLD one from the gravel that was bought home for some construction… and that started the coin collection era ;)

Currency – Spend it all :D

Butterfly – This was an interesting one , even used to chase butterflies with a net for some time, after some futile attempts to preserves them, gave it up. Killing beautiful butterflies aint all that fun either!

Feather – Ended up collecting too many chicken feathers,threw them out

Leaves – gave it up after I figured that I didn’t know the names of the plants.
‘Aaah, this is the plant with long leaf, and this is from the one with the round leaf!!’ … u get the picture

Hot Wheel (Toy car) – Still have 60 odd cars

G I Joe Figures – Have more than 45 of ‘em, Quite a good collection, I also have a good collection of G.I Joe vehicles, and artillery. Even managed to make barracks and bridges for them, I even mixed and matched some of the guys …arms of Gung-Ho ,body of Shipwreck and head of Scrap Iron … made a whole new generation of Joes and Cobra’s

Hot wheels and G I Joes are safe inside a Cupboard with glass pane, with the keys conveniently “Missing” to keep away kids :D

Sea Shells – this is something I bring back home EACH time I go to the beach… but if never stays for more than 2 days …but still I ‘Collect’ them each time I go to the beach!

Mobile Recharge Cards – recharge cards of Mobile phones, is a recent one.

Ceramic Figurines – gave them to mom’s collection because there is no place to display them at my room, and it is difficult to keep them dusted! I love the cute small figurines; still buy them for mom whenever I find good ones.

The Weird one

Skulls - :D yep that’s right,itz a Very small one only a couple of em till now .. started off with the skull of a crane, then a rat, then the usual Chicken and a few other birds… cant keep it inside the house … mom will break my skull then. So kept them hidden in a big pot,on the terrace outside my room back home… last time I checked , I found a rat's skull with a beak! I really wanted a snake skull… will find one someday…. It would be easy to start a good collection … but truth is I am scared of living in a house with skulls stored in one room :D so I think that is one “Dead” collection.

The Current Craze

Comics – Superhero comics , collect Batman, Xmen, Spiderman ( most of their series) but not a big collector of other superheroes. Calvin & Hobbes is one comic strip I used to take printouts and collect , but a new collection called ‘The Complete Calvin and Hobbes” has come out, it haseach and every one of the Strips drawn by the cartoonist in the 10 year when Calvin & Hobbes were around… …. By the looks of it I’ll be kissing good bye to half a month’s salary in Dec!!

Future Plans

Miniature bottle – Plan to collect miniature bottles soon, as I find place to keep them

Crystal Figurine – As soon as I Start Earning enuff to Start a collection

CD/DVD – Once I buy a good Home Theater and move into a bigger place.

I might have missed out a few ... will be adding them when i remember :D

Just curious .... what do you collect?


Blogger icyblue said...

me first :)

8:51 PM  
Blogger icyblue said...

the looks of it I’ll be kissing good bye to half a month’s salary in Dec

And I'm here to destroy that plan of urs... :P

8:52 PM  
Blogger icyblue said...

will be back for more comments... got some work now..

8:52 PM  
Blogger icyblue said...


4 yrs... and I never knew this... Skulls... .ekkkksss....

Well.... nice post :) something very innovative....

So what do i collect... I used to collect stamps and coins... Have a HUGE collection in one of my drawers...

For 2 yrs I was crazy for stick stones ... was the hip thing in Dubai then.. :)

That's was my list.. :)

9:06 PM  
Blogger Varkey said...


The complete Calvin and Hobbes ... WILL be mine ... some day

and how many in the list did u actually know about ? only the comics !

the skull collection is .... well, a SECRET :D

9:23 PM  
Blogger Keshi said...

u r quite a collector ;-)

I used to collect coins, stamps, song-lyrics and picture-post cards in my younger days...I still have them in my home-drawer :):)

Now I have a huge collection of CDs...I still keep buying and mum gets so annoyed for wasting money lol...what can I do, Music is my life :) And ofcourse I collect alot of shoes and clothes...being a glamorous chick ;-)


Will come back with more...there are many more :)


10:07 PM  
Blogger Jewel Rays said...

Chicken FEathers? are they nice??neva heard of anyone doing that. haha

Skulls?? *wide-eyed

Hope they dun come out walking to ya bed calling ya name..:)

One Word Varkey. You are unique..Gosh u really collect a number of things there..:)

those miniature bottles are nice..Love those...stuff...

What do i collecT?


Earrings *i am nuts abt them*
Eye shadows
Letters, postcards etc frm friends
Sticker pics.

1:12 AM  
Blogger Varkey said...

I said Small skulls... small enuff to fit into a Jelly Jar :D... not the ones that can talk :)

@ Keshi

Too bad no one sent me any picture post cards ... would have made a good collection ..
Mom used to keep all our shoes ... waste of space !!one day dad and i packed all of them and threw threw them away when mom had gone to visit grandma :D

eyeshadows?? how do u collect them .... u'll end up using them up rit !!

and like i said noone sends me any letters or postcards ...Mayb I can Collect e-mails !!

2:09 AM  
Blogger icyblue said...

A secret no more :P

4:06 AM  
Blogger Jewel Rays said...

Haha Varkey..good point..I use them indeeds...-grinz-

haha speechless...oh may be jsut my defination of collection..HEHEHE:P

5:36 PM  
Blogger Keshi said...

oh I forgot to say..IOm crazy abt Earrings too, just like MyUnveilings :) I have heaps and heaps of them and I still buy em..:)

And I love hair-accessories...such as head bands and clips...have heaps!

Varkey u r mean to ur mum lolz!


7:11 PM  
Blogger Dinesh said...

Thoughts ! Yeah..makes a good collection...Surely the collection aint tangible.
When I make enuf to start a collecion it will be antique telephone instruments including land lines and mobiles(Already have unused old brick mobile phones and 2 land line instruments).
Got a matchbox collection, each matchbox having diff colored matchstick top. Havent added anythin to this collection for long now.
I'll give u the starfish skelton I have at home for ur collection. Just reming me.

6:26 AM  
Blogger Jithu said...

i keep all my ATM receipts. i still have the first receipt i got from the ATM after my a/c was created, which shows the zero balance in my a/c :-)

2:30 PM  
Blogger Parii said...

I collect experiences, both mine and other people's :-)

11:22 PM  

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